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How to Plan Out Design

Make sure to separate the design steps into different blocks. First make sure to know what kind of content you are catering your design to, then where the content will be placed, and then lastly how you are going to desing that content so all of that meshes together properly.

Happy Designing!

Moshe Spetner


Communication is Key

When you are a web designer you need to constantly be in contact with your clients so that their end goal is met up to their standards. That means staying in contact through e-mail or phone or whatever the preferred method of communication is. Sometimes it can be really annoying as you just want to do the job without having to constantly check things with them, but then again the client is your money source so you have to make them happy.


I am on Twitter @MosheSpetner – although I don’t use it rarely and just recently signed up. I can’t really understand the people who are not celebrities on Twitter – who are they tweeting to? I guess it is solely a method for people to tweet at people they follow with the opportunity for their twitter account to become famous. It seems that Twitter is not really a device that I would use to connect and be social with my friends and more to just try and get “followers” or to “follow” people.

Why Marketing is Important

In this day and age the world is blessed with a great amount of goods, far more than in previous centuries and generations. There are shortages in certain areas, such as petrol and crude oil and other such things, but not like it was in the days of yore when there were famines and abject poverty. Where there are “first-world”, civilized countries there is almost always opportunity and the ability to access goods.

However, the distribution of these goods is quite a difficult proposition. Hence marketing, which is nothing other than the skill of rearranging the plentiful resources on our planet.

The Key to Internet Marketing

In my opinion it is outreach and getting a (good) reputation on as my different outlets as possible. Marketing is like fishing, if you only cast a few nets, your unlikely to hit your target. However, spamming is not good as you’ll be that fisherman who ruins it for everyone 🙂

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! Read more about me and my intentions by clicking on the link in the menu – I hope to have a lot of fun here on WordPress!